A Conversation During AIA 2014

Chaos Group's Lon Grohs sat down with Jorge Barerro (Gensler), Alessandro Ronfini (BIG) and Jeremy Kay (StudioJDK) during AIA 2014 to talk shop. Here is the interview of that conversation.


Lon Grohs – Chief Commercial Officer

Lon is an integral member of the Chaos Group executive team, overseeing the expanding US operations as the firm’s Chief Commercia Officer. Lon works closely with Chaos Group partners and customers, developing strategic market initiatives and promoting advancements in rendering technology.

Alessandro Ronfini is a designer at BIG NYC and a tech enthusiast. In the past three years he has been working on the design and construction of 625W57, a large residential project in Manhattan. While at BIG he has also been involved in different competitions worldwide focusing in particular on the creation of images that would tell stories about the project represented. When he is not working at his computer Alessandro is outside riding his bike, playing guitar, hiking or taking pictures at rusty walls because good textures are everywhere.

StudioJDK – Jeremy Kay

Jeremy is the founder of studioJDK – a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on visioning and illustration for architecture, interior design, urban design and environmental branding. Having worked previously with several leading design firms such as Communication Arts and LRK Architects, Jeremy has gained valuable experience in branding and visioning for companies like Wendy’s and personalities like Willie Nelson to vibrant entertainment venues like LA Live. He has designed millions of square feet across a wide range of projects; drawing from his belief that architecture, planning, graphic design and branding are the most successful when blended together into a distinctive vision. Jeremy’s unique visualization style combine the best of traditional and digital media, enabling his work to convey and capture the design principles and practices that reinforce his commitment to making great places. His images have been featured in such publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Denver Post and 3d World magazine.

Jorge Barrero – Senior Associate - Senior Designer / Digital Design Leader

Jorge is a Senior Designer for Gensler’s Chicago office with 15 years of experience in commercial, corporate, and transportation facilities as well as urban planning and design work. These projects vary in scope, size and complexity while sharing a strong focus on design. Jorge’s design skill, technical knowledge and experience has made him a valued asset to many projects and provides his clients with the expertise required to effectively implement all aspects of a project successfully.  Jorge is the leader of Gensler’s Visualization Community and leads the effort to implement new digital design tools for the firm.  Jorge has served as an adjunct professor at Harrington School of Design where he taught a design visualization studio.  He’s been a word contributor for 3D World Magazine as well as participated in several speaking engagements for the visualization community.